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Did You Know?

That more than 4 quarts of oil are consumed during the manufacturing of every OEM cartridge. This equates to more than 375,000,000 gallons of oil consumed every year to make toner and inkjet cartridges

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Recycling starts with you!!
Home Going Green
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Have you ever wondered what happens to your empty laser toner cartridges? More than 500 million OEM cartridges are manufactured every year. If these cartridges are not diverted from our landfills, this equates to almost 1,000 tons of unnecessary pollution that can enter our waste stream every day. At G&S Laser Printer Supplies, we  make sure all the laser toner cartridges are recycled. All "one time" used toner cartridges are remanufactured to supply top quality laser cartridges, that are delivered to your firm. Our imaging supplies are environmentally friendly.  We conserve nature's resources by reusing certain non-wearing plastic shells and metal components from spent OEM cartridges. Our supplier is proud to remanufacture more than 75,000 environmentally conscious toner cartridges every month and all scrap metals, plastics, paper and cardboard are locally recycled into everyday consumer items. By working together, we can keep our landfills free of tons of waste, while reducing your toner cartridge costs.

Please reduce, reuse and recycle.

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